Help Bring Hope 2 Others - H2O - to Toliara

Help Bring Hope 2 Others - H2O - to Toliara

According to UNICEF, access to potable drinking water is a major challenge for the local population in the southern regions of Madagascar, including Toliara.

The families we serve often resort to negative coping strategies to the detriment of their children - such as having to discontinue their children’s education to be able to buy water at exorbitant prices (the price for a 20 liters jerry can of water increases from 200 Ariary to 2500 Ariary during peak times).

In rural areas, only 36% of households utilize improved water facilities, like using borehole drilling (a deep, narrow hole made in the ground, especially to locate water). However, this method still supplies dirty water.

Education Equals Hope’s students in Madagascar experience these challenges on a daily basis. We desire to provide a Hope 2 Others (H2O) filter to each of our students, their families and the community in which they live.

For now, we are focusing on piloting this program while Jacky Lowe is in Toliara this summer. We have a need for 50 filters.

The parishioners of St Benedict’s can share a cup of clean water with a student for $50. Your donation will cover the cost of the filter, a new bucket to hold the clean water, shipping, customs, taxes, etc.*

Would you be willing to provide our students and their families clean water so that they can possibly attend school, without their education being interrupted by water-borne illness?

*Each student’s Hope 2 Others filter will be replaced every 3 years. Each filter can clean up to 150 gallons of water per day and could potentially last up to 10 years but we want to keep our students safe.

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