Church of the Advent  - Costa Rica Pilgrimage

Church of the Advent - Costa Rica Pilgrimage

As part of the year-long confirmation class at The Church of the Advent, seven sophomores are headed to San Roman in Costa Rica from May 28th thru June 4th, 2024 for their pilgrimage.

These pilgrims will be serving in several ministries under the leadership of our global mission partner, Education Equals Hope. We look forward to working alongside community members in San Ramon at an orphanage, a youth center and a local church. We will also spend time with students who are a part of the Education Equals Hope scholarship program.

God has blessed the youth at Advent with an opportunity to nurture relationships that were created last summer. This year’s pilgrims will continue the good works of the 2023 Pilgrimage.

Thank you for considering a gift to this important cause. Every gift of any size is appreciated. We thank you for your generosity but more importantly for your prayers for a safe and spirit-filled pilgrimage!