Kenya - Ambrose Waninda Children School

Ambrose Waninda of Kitale, Kenya, began his journey of helping students get an education in 2007. While preaching one Sunday, Ambrose noticed a mother and two children who looked very tired and hungry. After the service, Ambrose approached the mother and her children and inquired of their health and needs. The story the mother shared touched Ambrose’s heart.
The mother and her moved from one place to another for their animals to graze. One day while the animals grazed, their group met an Ethiopian group who were with their animals near the Kenya and Ethiopian border. A fight erupted between the two groups. The Kenyan Army, who were on Border patrol, intervened since the two groups were both armed and shooting at each other. Many people fled from the army, including the father of the two girls. The father never came back so this mother decided to move back to Kitale. A truck driver helped the mother and two children get to Kitale. After hearing of their plight, Ambrose began providing them with basic needs and taking the children to school.
While on his routine of visiting homes, Ambrose came across another needy family. This mother and her four children really needed help since the father died and the family had lost their financial provision. The children had dropped out of school so Ambrose decided to provide for them to return to school.
On another visit, Ambrose came across a boy whose father was crippled. The boy and his brother were being taken care of by their very old grandmother. Neither of the boys were able to go to school so they stayed home because they had no money for school. The grandmother was unable to help them get an education or meet their daily needs. Ambrose stepped in once again to take care of the boys and help them get an education.
As Ambrose continued to take care of these children from multiple families, the Bishop Ben Ambrose to Traci Slusarski, Education Equals Hope’s Ministry Site Coordinator for Kenya. When Traci learned each of the children’s stories, she was moved and she promised to look into the matter. After one month, Education Equals Hope started supporting these children. Ambrose was relieved and so thankful for their help because he was struggling with how to meet all of the children’s needs while caring and providing for his own family.
Thanks to donors who give to Education Equals Hope, these children, who desperately need help meeting their daily needs, are now attending school and finding hope each day. Ambrose extends his gratefulness to all who give for the children of Kitale. Lives are being changed because of the your generosity.