Kenya - St. Michael's Academy

Kenya - St. Michael's Academy

Rev. Fred Wanyonyi began St. Michael Community School in 2010 because the children from his extremely remote area in Kenya had no opportunities to get an education. Today, St. Michael Community School has 130 students that are receiving an education thanks to many generous Education Equals Hope donors.

Rev. Wanyonyi says, “I thank God for Education Equals Hope because this organization is doing a good job and bringing hope to children from poor families and those who have no parents. The children in my village are now getting a quality education like other children in the world. It's really encouraging because I'm sure after finishing their education, these children can help themselves and their families in the future.”

At St. Michael Community School, the staff believes that providing an education is the only resource you can invest in a child, and it will not be wasted.

Daniel and Faith came to St. Michael Community School at the request of government leaders in the village. Their only parent drowned in a river when the children were young. The children had been living with their grandmother, who is a veteran, and she is unable to educate them. An area chief knew Daniel and Faith had not been receiving an education and wrote a letter asking St. Michael Community School to accept the children as students.

Even though Daniel and Faith had no previous educational opportunities, they are doing well in their classes in the short time they have been at St. Michael Community School. These children now have the hope of getting an education and a future!

In addition to an education, St. Michael Community School gives all children one meal every school day because there is hunger in many families.

A gift to St. Michael Community School will enable Rev. Wanyonyi and his staff to have the resources so vulnerable children will have access to a quality education.