Kenya - Central Academy

Kenya - Central Academy

Benjamin Mutoka of Central Academy in Kenya wants all to know about the “miracle kids” who are thriving at Central Academy. He says, “Each of these beautiful kids has a story behind their survival from a point of death at either birth or at very early stage of infancy.”

Paul and Abigael were abandoned at birth in the Government Hospital by their mothers. These mothers were unable to be traced or identified because they either gave wrong information about their identities or their home addresses. Paul and Abigael were given to Central Academy to rescue them when they were less than 7 days old.

Moses and Joshua were both thrown in different forests and were rescued by by-passers who took them to a police station. The police then contacted a member of the Children’s Department, who eventually called Christine to rescue them. Moses was 4 days old and Joshua was 3 days old when Ben and Christine brought them home.

Joseph was also found thrown in a bush. He was rescued and brought to us on day one of his life. Esther was born to a mother with mental health problems. Catholic Sisters took Esther away from the mother who was mishandling the baby and behaving as if she wanted to drop the baby in a river.

Deborah was born out of incest when a father impregnated his daughter. The clan planned to kill the baby at birth. When Deborah’s mother learned about this plan, she sought refuge at the Children’s Department, who took her to the hospital for delivery. We were given Deborah immediately after she was born so we could take care of her.

Joel's mother wanted to push him into a pit latrine. As she pushed him through the small hole, the baby broke his arm and cried loudly until the neighbors heard and ran to see what was happening. The neighbors discovered Joshua there because the mother ran away. She crossed the border to Uganda and never came back to her home.

Ben writes, “All these babies are now growing up in our house and they only know us as their parents and we love them. The children are now in Grade 3 and doing well in their studies. It has taken time for them to be stable in their studies. We are grateful to God for Education Equals Hope for their support in helping these kids get an education and shaping them into citizens who will be of great value.”