Ecuador - Second Chances Hope Centers

Ecuador - Second Chances Hope Centers

Students: 200
Where HOPE is given: Academic Support in a safe place.
Began partnering with E=H: 2020

In 2020, as the new director of Casa Gabriel, Jorge Estevez began working on partnerships with local churches and in his first year as director, launched a new vision called Second Chances Ecuador and opened the first two Second Chances Holistic Day Centers, now known as Hope Centers. Since 2020, we have partnered with Second Chances to open 6 Hope Centers -

In Quito:
- Comité del Pueblo
- Carapungo
- Santa Lucía

On the coast:
- Same
- Sua
- Las Vegas

These centers serve a much wider demographic than Casa Gabriel, ministering to both boys and girls from ages 6-17 and providing the same basic services (emotional, intellectual, missional, physical, social and spiritual) that are offered at Casa Gabriel. The centers have a preventative approach, addressing pre-crisis situations, whereas Casa Gabriel addresses situations that are post-crisis.

Education Equals Hope supports each Hope Center financially, including salaries, internet, office supplies and other related educational costs. Students can come study before or after school in a safe place.

Second Chances desires to be able to open two new Hope Centers each year in Ecuador and to also provide food for the children of the Hope Centers.