Kenya - Doors of Hope

Doors of Hope

Doors of Hope ministry was founded in 2016 by Edward Kwanusu in Kitale, Kenya, when he began feeding and helping vulnerable boys living on the streets. With additional help from Traci Slusarski of Whatever is Pure ministry, Mr. Kwanusu continued his monthly street feeding program and began providing clothing, opportunities to take baths, and lessons about God’s love for the boys. Eventually, Mr. Kwanusu added coaching the boys in football games and learning about music.
“When you hear about this ministry – Doors of Hope – its name is as it sounds because it opens a new beginning and hope to any person that comes in,” Mr. Kwanusu said. “It is fun and good to serve humanity.”
Unfortunately, the challenges of Covid 19 hit the ministry with many difficulties. The country imposed stay-at-home orders and a strict curfew. Police were deployed to enforce the curfew and many of the street boys were beaten up. Two of the boys died because of their injuries suffered in police beatings.
Feelings of devastation about the boys’ suffering on the streets quickly turned to hope when Education Equals Hope became involved with Door of Hope. “Education Equals Hope responded and acted so fast by helping us acquire a safe home and food for the affected boys. We were able to rescue nine boys from the streets who are now comfortably attending school and are happy.” said Mr. Kwanusu.
Education Equals Hope has helped to provide clothing, education, food, medication, and rent for this new home. Doors of Hope ministry is now a family made up of street boys, one girl and a baby boy abandoned at only two months of age. Through all of the challenges, Mr. Kwanusu finds joy in helping the most vulnerable and says, “Glory be to the Lord.”