Uganda Family Spirit

Uganda Family Spirit

Uganda Family Spirit Children Center is a community-based, non-profit organization established in 2002 by a group of volunteers living with HIV/AIDS.

When the center was established, people were dying of AIDS at an alarming rate and no cure was available. People living with HIV/AIDS were perceived as being cursed and punished for promiscuity. The suffering of family members, extreme poverty, stigma, discrimination, stealing of property by relatives and neighbors, and other forms of oppression were unbearable.

Uganda Family Spirit Children Center provided orphans and other vulnerable children from HIV/AIDS households a place to counter the above problems and develop a life purpose.

Uganda Family Spirit Children Center continues to bring hope to our children by providing:
• Health and survival – We are blessed that the children acquired new beddings with mosquito nets which has contributed to a big reduction of malaria cases.
• Adolescent girls have been supported with sanitary pads and they no longer miss classes during their menstrual period.
• Water purifiers have provided clean and safe drinking water.
• Care and protection – Our children are now well protected and fully attending classes in a safe environment.
• Education and development - Fifteen children have been fully supported with scholastic materials and of one of them has completed a national certificate in automotive mechanical engineering. Two others are fully supported in school fees and are now in their second year pursuing a national junior certificate.
• Food and nutrition – Our children have shown interest in our farm, especially during school holidays. They are learning how to care for our center’s vegetable garden. As the children’s skills improve, the production of vegetables for the center increases.
• Participation - All the children love and know the value of education due to the support you give. The students’ interest has eased the work of the teachers.

We are receiving many children from the neighboring countries, such as South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, because of political and social unrest.
Our numbers of children with disabilities are increasing. These children’s different challenges need one-to-one caregiver support.

Would you be willing to provide HOPE through education so that we can continue to make an impact in the lives of the 268 students that are currently at Uganda Family Spirit?