Haiti: St. Jean Baptiste

Haiti St. Jean Baptiste - Savanette

GIVING HOPE! Partnering with St. Jean Baptiste School to provide an Excellent Education and Daily Meals

Dear Friends –
Merci beaucoup for viewing this St. Jean Baptiste School link. Your donations of any amount will continue to make it possible for 350 preschool and primary students in the impoverished rural area of Savanette, Haiti, to attend an excellent school near their homes.

Our hope is to be able to continue to provide a meal each school day not only for the lower grades but also the 175 middle and secondary students for average of 10,000 meals being served each month! However, inflation is rampant in Haiti – especially for basics such as rice & beans – the staple meal for the students.

Please share this HOPE-GIVING opportunity with your friends and family! Your gifts are a blessing and will make a lasting difference for each students!

Bondye beni ou!
Haiti Creole: God bless you!