Haiti Les Cayes

Haiti: Les Cayes

​​Les Cayes is a seaport city located in southwestern Haiti. Including outlying areas, the population is approximately 52,000 people. It is roughly 120 miles (4 - 6 hour or more drive) from the capital city of Port-au-Prince, the primary source of its food and supplies.

Kindergarten and primary school tuition/fees generally range from $150 – $500 USD; secondary school ranges from $200-800 USD each year. Since over 70% of Haitians do not have regular jobs, paying for anything outside of survival essentials is difficult. Many of these families make less than $3 USD per day.

Education Equals Hope’s program in Les Cayes provides financial sponsorship for the remainder of tuition and fees that a student’s family cannot afford to pay. This amount varies based on the grade level, type of school and each family’s financial situation. Our onsite staff meets with parents, guardians and young adult students at the beginning of each school year to assess their level of need for assistance to pay tuition and fees.

In addition, when safe conditions permit, E=H coordinates team visits to support health education seminars, women’s programs and a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program for approximately 200-300 children each summer.

LES CAYES STUDENT SPONSORSHIP BUDGET: $30,000 per school year to support approximately 120 students attending a variety of schools – kindergarten through university levels.